Discover what iBrutes are up to, and what interests us.


Discover what iBrutes are up to, and what interests us.

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What is your SEO score

Do you know your SEO Score?


  What is your SEO Score? When you got that shiny, expensive new website built for you, did you then just think, that is that, let the good times roll. Well, hopefully, you were right and business did, in fact, start coming to you instead of you tripping over yourself trying to find it.  For…

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Business Tree

8 simple things you should know when starting a new business.


  As a small business and entrepreneur, we have all gone out and made our own mistakes which, funny or not, is “part of the fun” when starting a new business. Lest we forget, we are not the first, nor the last to make the same mistakes over and over again. Here are a few…

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Principles of selling: Shop Front

Starting a New Business? 5 Basic Principles for Selling


Whether you are already up and running or simply just testing the waters trying to find out whether your new business venture has what it takes to succeed, there are five basic principles that if followed correctly will significantly increase your chances of success. According to Bank of Ireland, 66% of startups fail within the…

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Open Source Software

7 Free Open Source Software for every Entrepreneur


7 Open Source Products that are FREE Starting up a small business can be a drain on finances and purchasing software is often one of the biggest expenses a business can incur. At iBrutes, being a tech business, we come across “Open Source” software all the time capable of carrying out similar if not the…

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IMG FittotheCore

Client — Fit to the Core Pilates


  Life is never easy for a start-up. It is vital to have a trusted web designer that works with you, provides advice and helps promote your business, to help bring in those important new clients. Fit to the Core Pilates, a new Pilates studio in Ennis has done just that! In one month, reached the…

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Video promo for Car Doctor

Does Video Promotion Work for Business?


Case Study: Video promotion for Car Doctor With so many Social Media platforms to choose from and play with, we are barraged by non-stop streams of information, and we instinctively know the majority of it is, sadly, mere junk. Faced with this tsunami of rubbish, it’s left to us to filter the important from the…

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Apple Maps showing the Clare Circuit

Apple Maps – A Lost Cause?


Frustration reached boiling point last week. Parked outside the Old Ground Hotel in Ennis, attempting to input a reminder on my iPhone. “Siri”, says I, full of self-importance, “remind me to do that special thing when I get home.” Siri – as saccharin-sweet as ever – asked “Which home?” Last time I checked I have…

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how to create a website customers won't leave

What’s Wrong with my Website?


You’ve given all the information to your web designer. You spent valuable time – and brain cells – writing up a summary of your business. You posed for a couple of awkward photos for the bio page, and you went outside with your smartphone to click off a couple of pictures of your occupation. The…

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Ennis Aluminium website on screen and tablet

Client – Ennis Aluminium


Ennis Aluminium & PVC chose to team with iBrutes Media to refresh their online presence and replace their old website. With their website ranking far from optimal, they needed extra efforts to push it from its lowly placement on Google’s second page to where it is now: top of page one. iBrutes Media achieved this…

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Social Media Graffitti at wall of house in Wood Quay in Galway

What can Social Media do to Help your Business?


With over two billion regular users on Facebook alone, social media has overtaken everyone’s expectations, and businesses are really beginning to get to grips with its potential. Get Social Both Facebook and Twitter, the two largest platforms, permit businesses like yours to promote themselves for free. Their incredible reach – and the possibility of directly…

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