Discover what iBrutes are up to, and what interests us.


Discover what iBrutes are up to, and what interests us.

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How much does a website cost? Bespoke or Template

How much does a website cost? Bespoke or template


Bespoke website or Template design. There are two ways to develop a business website, custom design or templates. Obviously most business owners are price sensitive and the cheaper option generally prevails. Depending on the scope of the project, there may be incidents where custom design is unavoidable. Many businesses looking to get a website know…

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iBrutes Domain Services

How much does a website cost? Domains


Domain Names A domain or DNS(Domain Name System) is an easy to use naming system given to addresses on web servers and web pages. Really it is the IP address of the nameserver within where it is held. Every computer has an IP address and the DNS allocates an easy to remember name to that…

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iBrutes Hosting Services

How much does a website cost? Hosting


  How much does a Hosting cost? Web hosting is an internet hosting service that allows users to put their website content up on a server that is accessible via the World Wide Web. Basically it is a computer owned and run by companies providing hosting space that you lease from them to display your…

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How much does a website cost

What goes into a website?: How much does a website cost?


  What goes into a website? This is the first question many people ask when contact is made initially with a Web Designer. From our previous articles we have stated that it all depends and it is the same as saying “how long is a piece of string?”. If you went to a motor dealer…

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How much does a website cost

How much does a website cost? – Web Builders


  Being web designers ourselves, we are very much aware of the self build web design techniques and get told often enough from potential clients about them. “Ah, sure I can build a site for less than €100. Indeed, this may be true but there are many factors to consider before doing so. Certain questions…

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How much does a website cost

How much does a website cost? – Overview


Is it the website cost or the value that is most important? You could ask the question, “how long is a piece of string?” For most people that are venturing out into the business world, having a website is almost mandatory as it truly is the online window to your business. Your companies website has…

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Criminal stealing credit card info from laptop

Cyber Attack Prevention Tips – Stop it from happening to your business.


  CYBER SECURITY: ATTACK PREVENTION TIPS   From our previous article on types of Cyber Crime, we learned about attacks in the form of Malware, Viruses and Phishing Scams. We now know that these threats have been here for many years, however they are truly becoming a clear and present danger for businesses. In particular,…

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Cyber Security

Cyber Security – Is your Business protected?


  Imagine being locked out of your home … or imagine all your possessions being stolen. We spend time, effort and resources to protect ourselves from physical crime, but we fail to dedicate the same to the insidious invisible assault: computer-based, or ‘cyber’ crime. CYBER SECURITY – Are you secure? There’s a good reason ‘Cyber…

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Breakwest on Devices

Client : Breakwest, Co. Clare. 2018 Aug

2018-08-24, Co. Clare Recently, we carried out the first stages of a website for a new client of ours, Our client required to have a website built in an extremely short window, as they were demonstrating their new venture to potential clients, and needed to have a website for their potential clients to refer…

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Breastfed Business Cards

Graphic Design : Business Card for Breastfed


Business Card Design Recently, iBrutes teamed up with a lactation consultant in Ennis to build a website for her business. Following from the success of that build and the really positive feedback from the business being generated, the client employed us to do her business card design for her corporate image. We eventually came up…

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