Video: Cellnet (Promotional Video and Adverts)

January 31, 2019

Check out our new promotional material for one of our clients, Cellnet. We were employed to create engaging content in order to create awareness for this new start-up business based in Co. Clare. Combining a bit of humour together with cute animals will always draw attention.

Getting the message across was important and that was provided for in the promotional explanatory video that we filmed. Being of a technical nature, we refrained from using much of the jargon and kept it basic as all people want to know is whether they can watch Netfilx, receive emails or connect with Skype.

Advert One: Dial-up Doggy

Advert Two: Cownnection

Promotional Video

So, if you are interested in getting your business across to your customers in a fun yet engaging way, contact iBrutes if you would like to discuss it further.