Empire Cars contacted us after being told about iBrutes from an existing customer. A car sales business in Limerick, having had previously been with one of the large car aggregators on Google, Empire wanted to cut costs and go it alone with a custom built car sales website without the fuss.

Although we had no experience in the car sales industry, we were able to code a site that done as much, and more than the main car websites such as cars ireland and carzone were able to accomplish. No ongoing fees or percentages on sales anymore, they had their own site and were free to sell cars without any financial drain for each sale made. Just a small hosting and management fee for the site itself each year, iBrutes were able to develop a site that the client could upload car details and display stock with the ability to filter through the full specification requirements.

Happy with the service and brand new website, Empire were ready to roll out their fantastic fleet of cars.

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