How much does a website cost? Logo and Graphics

January 24, 2019

Branding is one of the most important elements of the entire business structure. It is your symbol as such and should always be done professionally so that your business gets the face it deserves. The effect that good graphic design can do must not be discounted. Have you ever heard a person say “Oh, im really bad at names, sorry I forgot but I would recognise them if I saw them”. Well, the same applies for a brand. People will most likely remember a logo they saw IF it is memorable rather than a name. This again, like photography endorses the fact that we as humans are visual creatures 90% of the time anyway.

Importance of Art

You are associated with your brand and the more impact it has the better. Graphic Designers are artists and in some echelons of society, artists are perceived as layabout, weed smoking, unemployed, lazy and the stereotypes go on. Graphic Design and art involve creative minds to bring together ideas and concepts and visualise them. It is another language that most just fail to understand.

Have you ever been in an art gallery and thought, “What the hell is going on in this image”, have you even thought that there was thought behind what you were seeing. Picasso, Da Vinci, Leonardo, some of the most famous artists, how about Banksy? Art comes in various forms, even Damien Hirst qualifies in his perverse style.

brutus the ibrutes warrior

No matter how big or small the piece of art is, there is a creative thinking mind behind it. I can tell you that without art, we would not have music, theatre, writing, dance, poetry or visual arts. Of course there are some, parents included that think “You have to go and get a PROPER job” like a bank manager, a solicitor or a welder. Something that brings in the bacon.

Getting back to branding, logo’s and graphic design are digital art. A representation or expression of a businesses face. Something that is memorable and recognisable. There are many aspects a designer needs to consider when embarking on effective logo design.

  • Brief
  • Research
  • Conceptualising
  • Reflection
  • Revision
  • Delivery

What makes a good logo is

  • Simple
  • Memorable
  • Timeless
  • Versatile
  • Appropriate

Aspects that need to be considered

  • Colour scheme
  • Shape
  • Fonts
  • Graphics
  • Application

So how much should a logo cost?

There are those that think design jobs or artists are not real professions so would most likely pay only a few quid to buy some cans of beer. Well, look here,

Having researched costs in a few companies, that shall remain nameless prices range from €110 up to €1800. Wow, that is a big difference. Going to India is probably cheaper than that again. If I can break it down for you, designing a logo can probably be the most frustrating thing in the world, for the designer.

colour wheel

Why? because the customer ONLY becomes interested in it when they are asked “What do you think?”. Then it is, “I would like it more, businessy looking” or “It is a bit off, can you do something else?” or “No, don’t like it”. The reason some companies charge more, is because they have experience and it does take time. I feel it should be done by the hour, if you do not get it right but get NO direction, it’s not your fault. The business owner needs to portray the image verbally so that you can visualise it. It can go on and on and on. Good designs can still be cast off if the client is not happy. Remember, NOT EVERYONE has taste either. Not saying that there are not poor designers out there either, there are.

So the cost, well larger graphic agencies will be charging minimum €300 up to approx €1800. These will include provision for the number of logo styles and the number of revisions. These are critical so the designer does not end up jumping off a bridge.

Branding is what costs the real money. Clothes, vehicles, signs, posters, tattoos whatever. It costs money to place the logo in various forms. That is what you want to do right? Make it visible.

Examples of famous branding and its affiliated costs include;

  • London Olympics – $625,000 (logo only)
  • Enron – $33,000(logo only)
  • Pepsi – $1,000,000 (logo only)
  • BP – $211,000,000 (remarketing included)
  • BBC – $1,800,000 (logo design only)
  • Coca Cola – $0 (obviously did not charge enough)
  • Nike – $35 (logo only)
  • Twitter – $15 (logo only)

I am sure the person who designed the Nike brand are beside themselves. Besides that, you will get a good logo created if you commit yourself to it. If instead you feel you are giving the local “artist” a favour then you need to take yourself and your business more seriously.

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