, Shannon, Co. Clare

Having been referred to iBrutes from one of our clients, required a reliable website designer. Having been let down by their previous contracted designer—who abandoned their attempt at producing a website—Vistaport got in touch with us.

Their needs were straightforward: to project their services and products, with a focus on the European market. A requirement to incorporate and integrate an external product database was also included. 

The project went smoothly and our collaboration was excellent. Vistaport has now approached iBrutes again with further projects, where we shall  create a video promotion to help with the online marketing of a new product.

It is a good feeling when clients return with more ideas, as it means you must be doing something right!


Introduction to Vistaport, Shannon (Extract)

Mobile Empowerment is our Business

Vistaport provide high quality notebook batteries, AC adapters and projector lamps to customers throughtout Europe. We also provide a number of power-related and/or battery operated accessories. All our products are sourced from Global leaders in their respective fields.

We have been selling products in central Europe under the Vistaport brand since the 1990s. Following changes to the management structure in 2015, we relocated our headquarters from Switzerland to Ireland, and moved our logistics facility to the U.K. Vistaport is now well positioned to support customers across Europe with premium quality products and first-class customer service. We are currently looking to recruit new distribution partners across Europe.

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