4M Dance Centre, Liosban, Galway

4M Dance Centre is a new and exciting dance school venture by two young dedicated ladies hailing from Poland and Argentina. They met through their love of dance and have combined forces to create something special in Galway’s Dance Scene. 

Teaching primarily hip-hop for kids and adults, they also are building classes in Technique, Dancehall, Afrobeat and Twerk. Having years of experience, they wanted to create the next level for dance schools in Galway. They also wanted to sell merchandise that will both promote their school and be a revenue source.

We developed the site and design to reflect the style of dance that they teach. Hip-hop being a more urban style of dance, we wanted to draw that into the website design. We digitally embossed the logo we created for the dance centre onto a photo of the internal wall of their studio) to reflect a graffiti style we all see on a daily basis throughout the urban landscape.

The girls were delighted with the design and—importantly—the reaction it got. Having done advanced SEO on the site it has performing remarkably well in Google, having rose from the fourth to the first page in search in less than a month. We also guided the clients on how to start creating posts and effective use of social media to further promote the business. Most tellingly, they are already seeing many positive results so early after the site’s creation.

Introduction to 4M Dance Centre, Liosban (Extract)

Dance is …exciting

“4M Dance Centre is a brand new Galway-based dance studio. It’s for kids and adults who wants to enjoy and share the art of dance in a fun and friendly environment, with a dedicated international team ready to help you reach the goals you want to achieve.”

We are a team of dedicated instructors who wish to share our combined years of passion for dance. Dance gives us a happiness that we love to share, and we welcome everyone to take part in this journey—a journey of self-discovery.”


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