Domain Names

A domain or DNS(Domain Name System) is an easy to use naming system given to addresses on web servers and web pages. Really it is the IP address of the nameserver within where it is held. Every computer has an IP address and the DNS allocates an easy to remember name to that IP. However, if you had a business called or “’s hardware store” then it might be ok but who the hell is going to remember that?

Domains are cheap, but perpetuate.

Domains are cheap, particularly .com domains. Some are expensive and some are not available. Eg. If your name is McDonald and you wanted a website called, we can be pretty certain it might be already taken. Domains can be worth a lot of money also. We recently carried out work for a client who had just purchased We were actually shocked it was still available. Domains any less than four characters are actually quite valuable.


With register365 you can get a .com domain for as little as €9.95 per annum and €4.95 for the first year. If however you do live in Ireland and require a .ie suffix, you used to be jumping hoops and running around in circles to get one but now all has changed and it is much easier to purchase a domain, albeit, they are still more expensive than most domains normally cost. Again, it depends on who you go with, but you can get .ie domains for cheap particularly in the first year, but most often than not, they cost upwards of €19.95 per annum. Also, you do not have to go and prove a claim to that domain name anymore, ie. by providing your Company Registration Document affiliating your business to the name. This can be a double edged sword as competitors may stake a claim if you keep your eye off the ball for long enough, so BEWARE.

If you would like to check for a particular domain, you can go to


What you need to do first is

  • Decide on the suffix first(.com,.ie,,.co,edu,.org etc.)
  • Decide on a name, a good name. SEO Tip: try to include whatever you do in the name if it fits.
  • Find out if it has been used already.
  • Buy it. Tip: There are unscrupulous domain name registrars out there that will take your domain from you and ransom you to it if it is not renewed in time. BEWARE.

So that is a basic overview of purchasing a domain. It is not rocket science and you can pick one up from €4.95 up to €26.95 per annum or thereabouts thereafter as some providers often do offers.

So whatever happens to your web designer, you will ALWAYS be liable for paying a yearly fee for you Hosting and Domain. These costs are unavoidable if you wish to remain a member or the world wide web.

Next week, we shall discuss the all important debate, which is better, getting a bespoke design or is it better to use a template?

How much does a website cost? Bespoke or Template.