Discover what iBrutes are up to, and what interests us.


Discover what iBrutes are up to, and what interests us.

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Client : The Bookkeeper, Ennis.

2024-02-12, Co. Clare Monica aka “The Bookkeeper” contact us about a new venture that she had. Having a previous collaboration, iBrutes was excited to work again with her and see how we could realise her idea. Creating a more online approach was something that naturally happened during Covid 19. Monica wanted to add more services…

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“Online Learning: Video Tutorials as a Gateway to Passive Income”


Creating Passive Income with Video Tutorials: Online learning, fueled by the popularity of video tutorials, has transformed education into a borderless, accessible realm. For educators, this shift represents not only a chance to impart knowledge but also an opportunity to create a sustainable passive income stream. As the world continues to embrace the digital era,…

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Online Videos with SP

Unleashing the Power of Online Video Tutorials: A Gateway to Monetization with iBrutes Media


  In the dynamic world of digital content, online video tutorials have emerged as a powerful tool for disseminating knowledge and skills across the globe. With the advent of high-speed internet and advanced multimedia technology, businesses and individuals alike have harnessed the potential of this medium to not only educate but also generate substantial income.…

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Create your School Showcase Video with iBrutes Media: The Ardscoil Mhuire Video Showcase


At iBrutes Media, we understand the pivotal role that visuals play in modern promotion. Our commitment to excellence is perfectly showcased in the video we recently created for a school showcase video in Corbally, Limerick. In this article, we invite you to discover why iBrutes Media is the go-to choice for your promotional needs and…

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Clare’s Virtual Summer Camp Experience


Introduction: Imagine a world where paintbrushes meet pixels and creativity knows no bounds. Our recent adventure took us beyond the corporate realm when we were introduced by a happy client to Darina from Clare Local Development Company and Catherine from Ennis School Completion Programme. Together, we embarked on a journey to craft something special –…

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Powerpuff girls

Video: Powerpuff, 4M Dance Centre, Liosban, Galway.


Powerpuff, 4M Dance Centre, Liosban, Co. Galway. This time it is the instructors, they have to show what they do don’t they at 4M Dance Centre Showcase. What a night, we have been editing 18 videos in all and the quality of dance on show was spectacular.    With eighteen acts, ranging from Hip Hop…

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K2 Dance

Video: K2 Group, 4M Dance Centre, Liosban, Galway.


K2 Group, 4M Dance Centre, Liosban, Co. Galway. Another group taking part in the 4M Dance Centre Showcase. What a night, we have been editing 18 videos in all and the quality of dance on show was spectacular.    With eighteen acts, ranging from Hip Hop to Latin, 4M showed how diverse a dance studio…

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Exploration Dome

Exploration Dome,


Exploration Dome Looking to upgrade their existing website, Exploration Dome, a mobile planetarium, and purveyor of all things cool in the universe, got in touch. With the universe as a backdrop and theme, we knew this was going to be special. With Covid 19 restricting the business, we set up a booking system so groups…

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Video: Pizzalist, Galway.


Pizzalist, Galway. We have the worst job ever. Filming a promo out in Pizzalist in Knocknacarra as well as some taste testing probably THE BEST PIZZA in Ireland. NO JOKE!!! We learned how the pizzas were made and these guys are truly Pizza Masters. Nothing in Galway compares to it and we like our Pizza.…

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Latin Dance Bachata

Video: Salsa, 4M Dance Centre, Liosban, Galway.


4M Dance Centre, Liosban, Co. Galway. One of our existing clients, 4M Dance Centre employed us to capture their end of year show in the Townhall Theatre in Galway. We were delighted to attend and what a show. This is just one of the beautiful choreographies that was performed on the night.    With eighteen…

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