What can Social Media do to Help your Business?

August 29, 2017

With over two billion regular users on Facebook alone, social media has overtaken everyone’s expectations, and businesses are really beginning to get to grips with its potential.

Get Social

Both Facebook and Twitter, the two largest platforms, permit businesses like yours to promote themselves for free. Their incredible reach – and the possibility of directly connecting to potential customers – makes perfect sense to businesses wishing to retain and grow their customer bases.

As you probably know, social media is all about awareness. Users share, tweet or like information posted by others in an electronic version of ‘word of mouth’ communication. By spreading useful tidbits, funny posts or upcoming events, the crowd discovers and shares over and over. A very cleverly composed post could even go viral – shared internationally, even in the traditional media.

What can Social Media do to help business

But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves – you may only want to keep your posts local and with the circle of people that are your customer base. That, too, is where social media is the perfect medium. By building up ‘followers’, you can connect directly to the people that matter. News and information from your business ends up directly on the screens of existing and potential customers, interested in hearing the latest from you. Careful leveraging of this ready-built audience can allow you to target specific demographics using focused advertising campaigns, almost guaranteed to achieve results. And what results: you will have lowered your spend on advertising, flyers and posters in the process!

Facebook Box of likesRunning an online marketing campaign also helps with your website’s SEO, or ‘Search Engine Optimisation’. This strange term refers to the techniques used in web design that helps improve the position of the site’s listing on Google, Bing and other search engines. Everything within social media feeds back into your online reputation and, when handled correctly, boosts your business’s opportunity to appear as an option on-screen.

To check how each campaign connects to the public, we monitor insights on how the content performs. For example, we can confirm that the more interesting and engaging your content, the more likes and shares you will achieve, with the added benefit of introducing your business to new potential customers. Video content is increasingly popular – we all love material that catches the eye!

Video Production

Using social media is less about direct selling and more about building awareness and trust. It allows you to interact with your customers when they are at their most receptive and to introduce them to facts about your business for which they make have been unaware.

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