When contemplating how your new website should look it is helpful to compare them with today’s best practise in design. Today’s websites look and feel much different to those of five or ten years ago. Here are five tips that you should consider when chatting to your iBrutes team about your new site, or when redesigning.


  • Keep it Minimal
    Website visitors do not hang around. When they go to a website they find what they need – or leave. Providing a minimalistic site means you give a visitor the information they need as quickly as possible, and reduce clutter. When combined with readable typography, quality images, and targeted video presentations, a clean and simple website is both appealing and helpful.
  • Open Space
    This is also known as ‘white space’. Have you ever wondered why so many expensive coffee table books display vast expanses of blankness? Simply put, it helps focus the eye on the most important photo or text being shown. In a similar way, careful and professionally placed open space on a website can guide users through the presentation and helps important aspects stand out.

Tips for modern web design - whitespace

  • Big Responsive Images
    Have you seen those lovely big pictures that sit behind the main areas in a website? Subtle or brash, these images help tell the story of your brand. In an effect known as ‘parallax’, they can move or scroll independently of the page and draw the eye to your message in a very pleasing way.
  • Calls to Action
    Every page on your website, whether there to sell something or to explain a business function, has a purpose. Your visitors should be invited to interact with the information through the provision of ‘calls to action.’ These are simple suggestions to the visitor or prospective client to click on a handy button to know more, send a message to the company, or buy our product. Appealing directly to the visitor, they can generate great leads or impressive sales.

5 tips for modern web design - Call to Action - Contact Us

  • Footer Information
    By positioning useful information about you or your business on the bottom of each webpage, a visitor can easily get your contact details, a map to your location, your email address or phone number and other vital information. It’s pretty much an essential on all websites to the point of being an industry standard.

Footer Information

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