Design: How to increase sales through good design

March 8, 2018


Having a website does not automatically mean that sales will automatically follow. If the site does not immediately engage your customer on an emotional basis, chances are that they will leave. Many sites are just thrown up without any real thought going into them.

Getting your site to the front page on Google is one of the toughest tasks a web developer is faced with, the other is having a website that converts those prospects to paying customers and increase sales with web design.


Images and text content are mandatory obviously but the quality and placement of elements within the design are key to being successful. For example, we designed a website for a client last year who owns a modest Hotel in the UK.

Photographs in that instance are the cornerstone of the entire promotion as customers are insistent on seeing exactly where they will be staying before they book. The photographs taken were taken to enhance the look of the Hotel as it was also a little tired.

Our reports show that there has been a significant increase in bookings to the Hotel and one reviewer felt they were booking something superior to what they received. In this instance professional photography made the Hotel look it’s best.

Visual Stimulation

Woman smiling


Much of our emotion is processed visually. Type just does not translate emotion as much as images or video. Again, professional photos are a great start.

Did you ever wonder why so many websites have images of hoards of smiling people? Smiling means happy and seeing people smile gives us all a lovely fuzzy feeling inside, doesn’t it?


The particular font that is used on a website can make it sink or swim. Typography is a design tool also and if it does not compliment the theme or is a hideous font then it could be a deal breaker.


If it is difficult to read a font it will just annoy customers. If it does not fit with the design of the site it will stick out like a sore thumb. There are two types of fonts, serif, and sans-serif. One is serious and professional while the other is informal and modern.


Depending on the target audience, colours play one of the greatest roles in design.



Red: Red is energy, passion, action, ambition. It is also the colour of anger and passion.
Green: Balance and growth.
Blue: Trust and Peace, loyalty and integrity
Yellow: Mind and Intellect, it is optimistic and cheerful.

With colours in mind, the audiences first impression of the site will determine how they feel.


There is nothing worse than landing on a page that is so cluttered that you do not know where you are supposed to begin.


Clear all the junk out. Modern web design is steering us toward simple user-friendly websites.

These are just a few of the elements that could increase sales through good design. If your website is looking dated or perhaps you need a new source of business, contact iBrutes and we would be happy to discuss it with you.