How much does a website cost? Mobile Responsiveness

May 19, 2020


65% of online media time, comes from mobile users, so web designers must incorporate this into their design, in fact, mobile-first design is actually the way it is going. This, of course, is not new, but for those of us that still have an unresponsive web site, this is a growing problem. It is far easier to design a mobile site from scratch than to do so retrospectively.

Google says “61% of users are unlikely to return to a mobile site 40% visit competitors site instead”.

screen sizes

To the general public, mobile responsiveness means “It works on a phone”. This is true but it means that a website will resize to fit all devices sizes, anywhere and on any browser. There are hundreds of different manufacturers, thousands of devices of all different sizes and orientation. Therefore it is quite difficult to get it to look the same on all devices.

For example, a website on a 40-inch monitor will look completely different from one on a tablet or smartphone. Generally what happens is in order to fit for example on a smartphone, the content areas actually stack on top of each other while on the monitor, they are side by side. Why, because they responsive

Text sizes will vary depending on the size of a screen. The larger the screen means you can have larger text. The smaller the screen goes the smaller the text must go as the text does not always fit. Funnily enough, you can still have large text, to a point on smartphones because with stacking, it means the text will have more room either side.

Images, menu’s, contact forms, video’s, you name it will have to be all made responsive. This is why template design and web builders have become very popular. Coding up a responsive site takes a lot of time to do, each time you have to do it.

So, how much time does it take? Did I mention before “How long is piece of string?”. Ok, I will probably only use this phrase once more, I promise. For a standard small business site, it should take approximately 1 Day to do.

So, web designer by 1 Day = €132 ( €16.61 x 8 )

To reiterate, this is for a small STANDARD site, no more than 5-8 pages.

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