Exploration Dome

Looking to upgrade their existing website, Exploration Dome, a mobile planetarium, and purveyor of all things cool in the universe, got in touch. With the universe as a backdrop and theme, we knew this was going to be special.

With Covid 19 restricting the business, we set up a booking system so groups could book and learn about the stars all online. With such an interesting and exciting business, we tried to reflect that so that visitors would get a taste of what was on offer in the online show.

A joy to work with, providing plenty of interesting content to display, we soon had a site built that went above and beyond our clients expectation.


About Exploration Dome (Extract)

Welcome to Exploration Dome
“Your Window to the Universe”

Exploration Dome was founded in 2012 by Martin Conroy. Along with his wife Debora they have inspired children to learn science in a fun and interactive way, and science is FUN! Martin is a passionate science enthusiast and also has certs in Astronomy, IT and Business.

He has covered the country with Exploration Dome and will continue to do so until all children on our island experience science in a fun, interactive and affordable way.


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