Video Promotion: Engage your customers

Video is truly the number one content type to create leads and get your visitors engaged. 93% of marketers are using video content to promote businesses online. It has become the most effective aid when delivering messages fast.

According to Cisco, video traffic will be 80% of internet traffic by the year 2019. Youtube has exploded and you can pretty much find what you want on it whether it be tutorials, funny cats, more funny cats or advertisements.

Reasons to use Video Promotion

Time Spent on site: Google assesses how long users spend on a site. With Video, people tend to spend longer watching one than reading content on the site.This means that the more time people spend on your site the better content it is in the eyes of Google. It means the information is useful and helps with your websites ranking.

Hooks If it does not work, you can just get rid of it. You could then just as easily start up on a new platform if that is going to be better for you.

Laziness: The other unfortunate side is that people have become lazy and prefer watching video. Reading is so passe these days and people get bored if they have to read 1000’s of words on your homepage. A picture is worth a thousand words as they say. A video is worth 1,440,000 words in a 60 second at 24 frames per second video.

Testimonials: If you can manage to get people that you have done business with in the past, to get in shot and endorse you, especially if they are well-known figures, would be a major boost. 30 – 60 second testimonials on your site gives the customer a sense of trust. Video testimonials are far more effective than text, they are a little more difficult to create but the benefits are significant.

Demonstration Videos: If you can demonstrate “how to” videos to potential clients, not only does it prove the product works but it makes it easier for the client to discover more about the product and how it works. These videos are particularly useful in E-Commerce websites.

Video oromotion graphic

Example of our Clients Promo’s

Pedal Power, Galway

Soul Pilates, Kildare


Video can become your businesses online sales pitch. Similar to the sales pitch you give to a potential customer in your shop, a video is the online version of that for millions of people worldwide. It can be spread, shared, posted all over the internet and viewed by thousands all at the same time.

Why not take advantage of that? Engage your customers with a video, online.