Desmond College, Newcastle West, Co. Limerick.

May 17, 2022

Open Day Virtual Tour

Having been contacted by the Principal at Desmond College,  we were asked to create a virtual platform incoming students would be able to view. The virtual tour was to be created so that students could familiarise themselves with the layout and type of subjects they would learn when they arrived.  It also gave parents of prospective students a quick peek at how the college presented itself and therefore assist in the initial assessment of choosing a school for their child.


We even a teacher animation to welcome students, show them around and recorded the voice of an actual teacher to make the experience all the more real. 

About Desmond

The virtual tour is full of interesting things. We have a pop-out side panel that students can use to move from area to area. There is buttons to open “About”, “Map”, “Website” and “More Info” popups to provide as much information as possible while navigating the school. 


Above is the Metal Room where you will find “Info” popups, demos, machine info and real life recorded sounds to help the student get truly immersed in the experience. 

Would you like to view the Tour for real? Click on “View Live” below to enter Desmond College.

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