Case Study: Video promotion for Car Doctor

With so many Social Media platforms to choose from and play with, we are barraged by non-stop streams of information, and we instinctively know the majority of it is, sadly, mere junk.

Faced with this tsunami of rubbish, it’s left to us to filter the important from the tedious. We users scroll, flick, close – and in some cases, hide – much of the material that editors perceived as valuable.

Our cognitive filters have changed so much in the new millennium that simple text on a post is no longer actively read. What manages to break through these filters is a tiny fraction of the information being served to us: titles on photos, perhaps, of people or entities we recognise; the occasional tag that catches our eye; and perhaps the shouty ALL-CAPS rants; these sometimes seem to have the best chance of catching our attention.

In this newly dynamic online world, anything stationary (like simple newspaper-style text) has less chance of being noticed than something that moves.

Our eyes evolved to react immediately if something moves; it is a security mechanism to help us from being eaten by something large and peckish. Within the first two seconds – unless of course, it is a cheetah on roller skates – we have grasped enough information to know if we are safe, or in danger of being roll-kill.

So how does this help us to get our message to casual online viewers? With video-based promotional material! This attracts vastly greater numbers of viewers than the traditional post-and-picture presentation.

iBrutes recently created a video promotion for The Car Doctor, a simple, low-budget video to promote the garage services they offer from their new state-of-the-art premises. The business park in which they are located is notorious for being hard to navigate, so we shot a simple movie of the journey from the main road to the front of their building.

The results speak for themselves. Without spending any additional money on promotion, this quick and easy video outperformed all other posts on their page by a significant margin.


Here is the Facebook post as it appeared after 2 days.

Facebook Video promotion

It reached over two thousand Facebook users and had 805 of them actually watched and engaged with the video. As you can see from the analytics, the post – in comparison to the typical post-and-picture material – dwarfed their reach, clicks, and reactions by a multiple.

Video promotion engagement stats

Video promotion material have had a reputation for being overly sophisticated, time-consuming and expensive, but short, small budget promos that remain focused and highly professional, creates the same impact, especially when boosting awareness of your business, product or service.

If you want to catch the eye of potential customers – and not get eaten by competitors on roller skates – contact iBrutes for a confidential 1-to-1 discussion on how promo videos can improve your marketing strategy.